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Long Island DWI heavy enforcement planned in May 2012

According to News 2 online Nassau County plans to use a discretionary fund to pay for increased DWI enforcement during May 2012. One area to receive a

Failure to Read Miranda Precisely

When a single word is left out of Miranda warnings a defendant's statement can be suppressed.  In this case the New Rochelle Police Department invest

DWI machine calibration found reliable without witness in Court

In Ostego a defendant was found guilty of 2 counts of DWI and challenged his conviction because the court allowed the prosector to enter documents abo

Alco-Sensor Field Test ruled admissable at Trial

In People v Jones a trial court judge ruled at a Field Sobriety Test (FST) alco-sensor result would be admissable at trial.  For many years these tes

Saratoga DWI arrest

A twice convicted DWI Ballston Spa  driver was arrested again recently and blew a .29 and was charged with Felony DWI.  The Saratogian reports that

Shelter Island DWI arrest; vehicle seized for forfeiture

The Shelter Island News reports that a 28 year old man was recently arrested after  being observed making an illegal U-turn and found to have an open

$550,000 to victim in Dram Shop Suit

A young man was arrested and charged after a rear end accident and was found to have a .24 Blood Alcohol level which is three times the legal limit. 

DWI arrest after fatal accident on Long Island

Long Island press reports that one DWI arrest was made after a fatal accident involving a teenage driver.  Read the Long Island DWI story here.

Designated Driver Business grows in Buffalo

A business created to get intoxicated drivers and their cars home is thriving in Buffalo.  The company hires two drivers to take the person and their

NYS Senate passes DWI mandatory minimum jail time bill

The New York State Senate passed a DWI mandatory minimum jail time bill for repeat DWI convictions.  The bill has been sent to the NYS Assembly. T

Apple bans DWI Checkpoint apps

USA Today reports that Apple has banned the distribution of DWI checkpoint apps.  The apps were apparently used to share information about unpubliciz

Ferrari Spyder 360 seized-Owner sues

When Mr. Ferrari was arrested and charged with DWI the police took his Ferrari Spyder 360 and intended to begin forfeiture proceedings.  He sued clai

New York DWI Arrest

A motorist was arrested and charged with DWI on Wednesday in Sangerfield, New York when his SUV left the roadway and rolled over into a ditch.  His w

110 Memorial Day Weekend DWI arrests on Long Island

NY Press reported that there were at least 110 DWI arrests on Long Island this Memorial Day weekend.  Many were made at DWI checkpoints on the East E

Long Island DWI arrest

A woman was arrested and charged with DWI in Shirley while she was driving with a child in her car.  The child was released to the custody of her hus

Long Island Mom charged with DWI

The NY Post reports that a Long Island woman was charged with DWI.  She was arrested with her 10 year old in the car.  The Wall Street Journal take

Ostego County Defendant Guilty of Felony DWI-No Double Jeopardy

A defendant believed that his attorney had negotiated a plea to misdemeanor DWI.  During the process of taking the plea the Assistant District Attorn

License Revocation upheld on appeal – Berlin v. NYS DMV

Petitioner was driving in Esopus in Ulster County when her car became disabled.  She began to walk away from the vehicle and was stopped by police.